Hey Sis, I have a question for you...


Would you like to grow a badass team of amazing leaders, finally hit that next big rank you’ve had on your vision board for months and start earning consistent income so you can walk away from that J.O.B. and help others do the same?!


I have a feeling the answer is a big fat YES, otherwise you wouldn’t have found your way here. And Girl can we just celebrate the fact that you’re SEEKING tools and resources to make that big vision come to life?!


Do you ever feel like, for as hard as you work and as dedicated as you are to learning ALL the things, that you should be a little further along in your business by now? And you just can’t seem to figure out HOW to get to that next level? Well trust me, you’re not alone! I used to feel that same exact way when I was growing my network marketing business. 


If you’re nodding your head YES, then keep reading…


I bet you can relate to this story I’m about to share with you. 

I lacked MAJOR confidence in myself when I first joined network marketing


I would attend all the events, get on every training call, take PAGES of notes and get so fired up to go put everything I had learned into practice. But when it came time to implement the strategy I would feel imposter syndrome BIG TIME


I fell into a deep trap of always comparing myself to other leaders and wondering... “what does she know that I don’t. How does she make it look so easy?”


I would write list after list of prospects but would get so nervous to reach out. What if they thought I was annoying or that I was just trying to sell them something? It was bad enough that some of my friends thought I was crazy for joining a network marketing company. 


I would spend so much time crafting posts for social media, stressing out about saying the wrong thing and so worried about it being perfect, only to hear crickets and get ZERO responses. I felt like I just blended in. Like I had ZERO authority with my audience. 


And my worst nightmare used to be when someone would tell me the products were expensive. I had such a terrible relationship with money and had ZERO clue what to say to someone when this objection would come up!


I was so convinced that the secret sauce to my next big rank advancement or landing my next big business builder was going to be found in someone else’s training or strategy. I put so much value in what other leaders were saying and doing that I completely lost sight of my own authenticity and authority

I wanted SO BADLY to stand out as a leader, figure out HOW to recruit without feeling icky and more than anything I just wanted my business and income to be more consistent month over month.


Well guess what Sis?

The great thing about network marketing is, there is a plan you can follow and duplicate. But when that plan turns into you trying to imitate someone else, you’ll never feel truly authentic or aligned with your business.

I knew I needed to build more belief in myself and figure out my OWN secret sauce. I just didn’t know how.


If you’re like most of the women in network marketing I’m sure you can relate to some or all of this totally frustrating story!


And if you're like most of the network marketers I coach, you have truly done your best to follow the system you were taught, you just haven't tried to do it in your own authentic way


But Babe, that's totally not your fault! You haven't been taught to really think for yourself when it comes to your business!


Chances are you haven't been given permission to try a NEW approach to recruiting, leadership or attraction marketing. 


And you've more than likely been taught NOT to try anything different! "keep it duplicatable" and to just "follow the system" has been ingrained into your mind. 


You probably know that 97% of people who enroll in network marketing fail to earn income. And you can probably guess that the reason why isn't because they aren't motivated. It's because they lack the SKILL and knowledge to succeed! 


But what you might not know is that even skill and knowledge alone won't build you the business & life of your dreams. It takes something even more important and it's probably not what you think....


It's not another event. It's not another team call. It's not reaching out to a cross-line sister and asking to 'pick her brain' on what's been working in her business. And it most DEFINITELY isn't copying and pasting a script that your leader said to use.


Here's the truth Babe...

They say if you’re the smartest person in the room you'll never grow. And while I certainly was not the smartest person within my network marketing community, I started to realize that when I looked to my left and to my right the only people I saw were the ones within my company. 


If I wanted to TRULY get unstuck in my business, begin to attract new leads, grow in my leadership, hit that next big rank and do it all in way that felt AUTHENTIC to me, I HAD to get around different people and get a whole new perspective. 



You might be struggling with the same issues I did in my story, or with the same challenges that the 97% of network marketers face when they say yes to an opportunity just like you did only to face limiting belief after limiting belief. 


How much longer are you going keep trying the same system over and over again hoping for a different result?


I want you to know there is another way and I'm confident I have the solution for you. 

The IGNITE ACADEMY is a 6 week journey that will turn your self doubt into self belief, and give you the confidence to break through mindset barriers and trust your intuition so that you can finally see the success you’ve been desiring.

Babe, if you were to begin NOW you could stop comparing yourself to other leaders

and stand out more authentically in your business by next week.


Imagine how it will feel when you can show up to your audience authentically, finally lead your team with authority and be able to attract new business builders and abundance WITH EASE.

Close your eyes and just envision what it would be like for you to:

  • Recruit a team of leaders that take initiative and become your new besties

  • Hit that next rank that's been on your vision board since you started

  • Earn enough income to pay down that debt that’s hanging over your head AND leave your job

  • Finally earn that incentive trip and have your girl gang earn it with you 

How would it FEEL…

  • Trusting yourself so deeply when it comes to leading your team

  • Being so comfortable reaching out to cold market prospects and posting on social media

  • Knowing you can release perfectionism and embrace authenticity

  • Being an expert in your field who is viewed as a thought leader

And once you enroll and experience the IGNITE ACADEMY you will see that this is ALL possible for you!!


So, the part of my story that I left out is that after 7 years of learning, growing and investing in my own mindset, leadership development and personal growth I've earned over a million dollars in network marketing, grew a team of over 5000 AND started two other amazing, heart-centered companies. I work with and coach high performing entrepreneurs and network marketers on tapping more deeply into their authentic selves, developing their own leadership styles and overcoming money mindset blocks that allow them to attract abundance into their life and business with ease. 


I'm only sharing this with you because I want you to know what is possible. You CAN break out of this stuck place you're in. You CAN reach all the goals you have on that vision board and you CAN change the direction of your life and the lives of so many others. 

It’s your turn to IGNITE your business and life….

The Ignite Academy is a PROVEN 6 week go-at-your-own-pace program that will: 


    No more feeling icky when it comes to sales! You will finally learn how to stop selling from a place of fear & lack. You will gain the tools to sell from a place of service that will have your dream clients coming to YOU so that you can earn income consistently.


    You will know the exact process to building a personal brand so you can radiate authentically and stand out from all the other people trying to sell to your customers. No more second guessing yourself and your content, or using scripts to sell. You will finally feel confident in who you are and what makes you irresistible. 


    You will have a clear plan of growth to focus on for you AND your team so that you build a solid business foundation and 

    earn consistent income month over month. You will know exactly how to develop leaders who do not quit and experience success quickly so that your team continues to grow


    You will gain massive clarity on exactly who you want to recruit to your team and exactly how to attract them. You will be able to finally rank advance with a team of leaders who will stick and stay with you, that you vibe with and love doing life & business with. 


    You will know what your exact area of expertise is and how to communicate it. Then you will be able to stand out as an authority figure, making it easy for clients to buy from you and even easier for business builders to trust working with you. 


    You will know exactly what to post and when! No more copy and paste strategies that make you feel inauthentic. You will be able to create cohesive content that speaks to your target audience easily and effortlessly.

The IGNITE ACADEMY can completely shift the way you run your entire business and give you the ability to build the empire you've been dreaming of. 

When you enroll in The IGNITE ACADEMY you will receive over 2 hours of video lessons, along with a workbook complete with exercises and journal prompts for you to complete at your own pace.


You will also receive a guided meditation* designed specifically for the Ignite Academy. This 25 minute higher Self meditation will allow you to access the frequency of abundance and your future Self, so you can take action and manifest your goals with ease and alignment. 

This will ensure your success in not only learning new tools and practices but deeply anchoring the new habits and beliefs that will be the catalyst for your transformation.


*Meditation and Vibrational Therapy Music created by Sand Vo & Fortysvn



Module 1:

Align Your Energy With The Frequency of Abundance

  • Money mindset upgrades
  • Raise your vibration  
  • Navigate your past, present & future
  • Masculine & feminine energy
  • Align your beliefs & your vision

Module 2:

Money, Desires & Selling With Ease

  • Money mindset upgrades to empower you
  • Sell from a place of service without feeling icky
  • Tap into your divine desires
  • Take ownership for your future

Module 3:

Brand Identity 

  • 6 reasons why having a brand identity matters
  • Find your unique voice
  • Master the power of attraction marketing
  • Build know, like and trust with your audience
  • Tell your brand story in a powerful way 

Module 4:

Creating Your Authentic Brand

  • Create your personal brand 
  • Define your values  
  • Uncover the secret sauce to being irresistible
  • Build your confidence through authenticity
  • Connect with your dream clients

Module 5:

Becoming An Authority 

  • Build authority & clearly define it
  • Establish your expertise
  • Build trust with your customers
  • What it means to be a thought leader
  • Lay the foundation for authority

Module 6:

Your Transformation Secret Sauce

  • What is a niche & why it matters
  • Attract your dream clients + business builders
  • Become a problem solving expert
  • Sell to a specific need
  • Identify your signature system

PLUS: Two Bonus Modules


Bonus Module 1:The Content Matrix:

A content matrix to help you plan and create 30 days of socia media content with ease. No more guessing when it comes to what captions to write or how to stay consistent with your posting game. 

Bonus Module 2: The Cold Market Journey 

A step by step guide that will show you the exact process for attracting cold market leads and then converting them into warm market customers. Say bye-bye to the dreaded "hey girl" messages and hello to real, genuine connection.

You'll learn and integrate this and more when you say YES to yourself and enroll in The Ignite Academy.


Allow me to guide you along this 6 week journey as we move through all 6 modules and coursework together to keep you excited, engaged and anchoring these new beliefs all along the way.

Is your Upline amazing? YES.

Are you expecting them to teach you everything??


You could have the best upline in the world but even they have their limits when it comes to what they can teach you. And if I'm being really honest with you Babe, your success is not their responsibility...it's yours. 


As some point you have to DECIDE to take accountability for your own growth! That is exactly why I created the Ignite Academy: to support YOU and give you the resouces to support your team along the way. 


This isn't just another 'grab your notebook and duplicate this system' type of experience.


This is different. This academy will give you the tools to find out what YOUR inner guidance system is saying, and then show you how to execute your own unique process from there. 


Hear from some of our most recent graduates what they have to say about their experience and results with IGNITE ACADEMY:

I joined the Ignite Academy because I was looking to get "unstuck".

It helped me step back into the person I've stuffed down due to times getting tough and going through more than usual. IA helped me to revamp my energy in network marketing.


Amanda B.

The Ignite Academy helped me gain the confidence to quit my second job. It wasn't in alignment with my goals and values and it was causing me a lot of anxiety. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do that without the Ignite Academy and Melissa's guidance. I'm so grateful that I took the opportunity to invest in myself. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Erin A.

I grew so much in how I view and honor myself, and it helped my business grow.

Once I started the Ignite Academy and working with Melissa, I had my biggest month of sales that I had ever had in the 1.5 years of being with my company, and have continued that consistency since!

Christina G.

It's Decision Time....

Here's the part where I give you a little tough love...



Are you going to keep working in your business with the same beliefs and same actions hoping for a different result?In order to create a new outcome you MUST take new action.


Enroll in the Ignite Academy now and finally gain the confidence you've been craving to thrive in your business and live life on your terms.

Are you ready, Babe?


The modules in this course are of such high value, just one lesson can immediately change your business and massively shift your mindset for the better.


Most courses of this level would cost you upwards of $1,000-$2,000 and honestly each of these individual modules could sell between $249-$300 EACH. 


It was my deep desire to ensure that this powerful content was accessible to everyone no matter where they're at in their journey to building a network marketing business. 


All 6 modules, workbook, custom meditation and the bonus modules have a total value of over $2,300 but this is accessible to you for only $697 for the FULL COURSE WHEN YOU JOIN NOW.  

Ignite Academy Enrollment!

When you enroll in the Ignite Academy you will receive:

  • 6 video modules

  • 2.5 Hours of video content

  • A workbook with exercises & journal prompts

  • Higher Self meditation

  • 2 Bonus modules

  • Lifetime access





100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

You will receive LIFETIME access to the Ignite Academy videos, all coursework, higher Self meditation and bonus modules so you can get started immediately!

My Mission

My name is Melissa Martin and I believe that everyone has the ability to create a life they are obsessed with.


As a former network marketer and current successful business owner I also believe that everyone has the ability to become an entrepreneur and live life on their own terms. 


As someone who once struggled living paycheck to paycheck and was filled with imposter syndrome I know what it's like to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders AND the self-doubt that you'll ever get ahead. 


I'm here to tell you that it IS possible to change your current circumstances. It takes bold action and a willingess to be courageous in your pursuit of happiness. 


My mission is to inspire, motivate and equip you with the tools, confidence and permission you need to lead a Boldlly Courageous life. A life that lights you up, fills you with abundance and brings you joy every single day!


-Melissa Martin



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